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100PercentInvesting offers the easiest way to take control of how your money gets invested.

It’s Your Money!
This site provides you with the information you need to make astute investment decisions.

You’re In The Driver’s Seat
You decide on the product/s you wish to invest in - and reap the benefits by having 100% of your money working for you from Day 1.

Please note: To ensure you have full access to our site you will need to be registered prior to downloading certain files.

Giving You More

Invest Direct No administration delays for your application. You transact directly with the product/fund manager.

Register Online Simply inform us online of the investment you have lodged to receive your commission rebate.

At 100PercentInvesting you can invest directly into Tax Effective Agribusiness products and you receive cash back in your pocket.

For your investments 100PercentInvesting acts like a virtual fund broker and a virtual life broker for your investment and insurance needs.

The Project will operate on high quality land chosen to meet strict criteria. As a result, the yield to Growers at the time of harvesting is expected to be significantly higher than any other past or present competitor. It is this aspect of the quality of the land which ensures that the Project will remain niche and premium, as it is not possible to obtain large parcels of land of the quality acceptable to the Project.

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