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4.40% 12 Month Term Account and
4.55% 2 Year Account, both after our bonus .25%

La Trobe Financial is one of Australia's leading credit specialists assisting those under-served by traditional institutions for property finance or investment returns on investable cash.

La Trobe's 12 Month Term Account has a proud history of outperforming its benchmark and competition.

La Trobe's 12 Month Term Account has increased its performance against other credit funds over all time periods and fully met all investor withdrawal/renewal requests. Money magazine has judged the 12 Month Term Account the Best Mortgage Fund in Australia for eight years running (2010 - 2017).

The W.A. Blue Gum 2021 Project

W.A. Blue Gum Limited (“WABG”) invites prospective Growers to sublease 5 or more identifiable allotments of land (1 hectare each), for an estimated 10 year term as part of a commercial Tasmanian Blue Gum (Eucalyptus globulus) plantation. Each hectare of Project Land is likely to produce the same amount of wood regardless of whether the land is planted or Coppiced.

Each hectare that is planted is likely to contain between 800 and 1,000 trees (with an average of about 900). Each hectare that is Coppiced is likely to contain approximately 650 stump stools, from which an average of 1.5 stems will develop, thereby yielding an average number of stems similar to planted land.