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How To Invest

Important Notice

From 12 December 2007, the 'Know Your Client' (KYC) requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act (AML/CTF Act) require designated service providers (which includes financial advisers and product providers) to collect and verify clients' identification (ID) information.

The purpose of the AML/CTF Act is to monitor financial transactions and to capture client information in a way that will help detect and prevent money laundering and terrorism financing.

At this stage there is no consistent policy in place for the fund management industry. Some fund managers may not accept any new business without the investor's identity being verified, whilst others are using a transition period to implement the new regulations. As a result additional identification documents may need to be provided with investment applications. Investors should check the instructions for completing application forms and any identity document requirements provided in the product disclosure statement.
The AML/CTF form for individuals can be downloaded by here. For other AML/CTF forms please us with your request.

4 Easy Steps

1. Decide what investment you are interested in and then download the relevant information (PDS, research, product rulings, etc.)

2. Print the application form contained in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), complete relevant sections and sign.

3. Post your application DIRECT to the Fund Manager with your cheque/finance details for the amount invested. (We recommend you keep a copy of the application for your records).

4. To ensure that you receive your commission rebate and avoid any complications with your application, please complete your investment lodgement details online ASAP.

Fund Manager Process Time

You will receive notification from the company that your investment application has been received.

You will receive your commission rebate as additional units in the case of managed funds or as a cash rebate for Agribusiness Tax Effective Investments. As soon as we receive the commission from the Fund Manager we will be in touch with you to confirm and arrange payment of your cash rebate. Agribusiness managers generally pay commissions approximately 6 weeks after the close of their project(s).

Information on the rebate system can be found at Commission Rebates.