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Adelaide Cash Management Account

The Adelaide Cash Management Account may suit investors who
  • Want to benefit from the security of a government guaranteed deposit*
  • Want to earn an attractive rate on their at call cash account
  • Want easy and flexible access to their funds
  • Want their account information to be made available to their advisers
  • Do not want to "lock in" to a fixed investment term

*Up to $1 million in total on deposit with Adelaide Bank Limited and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited.

Adelaide Cash Management Account overview

Account access
At call access to your funds

Account access methods
Regular payments
BPAY® deposit or payment
• Phone banking - Express Line
• Online banking transactions
• Third party direct debits
• Cheque deposit via post
• Cheque deposit via branches
• Bank cheque withdrawals
• Personal cheque withdrawals
• Cashcard access:
   > Deposit or withdrawal via branches
> ATM withdrawal, transfer or deposit (1)
• EFTPOS purchase and/or withdrawal
Bank@Post ™ withdrawal or deposit (2)

Product Disclosure Statement
Distribution Rate Sheet

Who can use
• Individuals
• Companies
• Partnerships
• Trusts
• Self managed super funds
• Associations

Fees and charges
Key transaction fees are summarised here.
Free transactions include:
• Cash deposits (
including Bank@Post Agency Banking)
• Auto deductions
• Auto payment plan
BPAY to Adelaide Bank accounts
• Direct credits
• Express Line balance enquiries
• Online banking balance enquiries
• Bendigo Bank ATM balance enquiries.
Key transaction costs include:
• Personal cheque withdrawal - $0.75
• ATM withdrawals - $1.25
• Foreign ATM Withdrawal or enquiry - $1.25
• Bank cheque - $10.00
• EFTPOS - $0.50
Other fees are detailed in clause 52 of the PDS.

Investment risk
The CMA is a deposit with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, regulated by APRA, the Code of Banking Practice and the EFT Code.

Since 28 November 2008, the Federal Government guarantee is limited to funds up to $1 million in total on deposit with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. (3)

Interest rate risk
The interest rate applying to the CMA may be affected by changes in the official interest rate, which is determined by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

interest rate can also be affected by changes in the interest rates prevailing between Australian banks in the Australian wholesale money market. These interest rates may vary depending on a number of factors, including Australian and overseas interest rates, market liquidity, exchange rates, monetary policy and other economic, social and political factors.

Method of interest calculation
Daily on closing balance

Frequency of interest payment

Minimum initial investment

Minimum operating balance

Maximum operating balance
No maximum balance

Minimum deposit amount

Minimum withdrawal amount

Statement frequency

1) ATM deposits and transfers available at selected Bendigo Bank ATMs.
) Bank@Postand its device mark are trademarks (registered or otherwise) of Australian Postal Corporation. All rights reserved.
(3) Refer to Section 1 of the PDS – Introductory information for more details of the application of the government guarantee and its application to funds.

®Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.

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